Queen Diana on a new Musical Adventure

By Gift
Queen diana on a new musical adventure picture

Nompumelelo Greta Diana..

She's A Beast With Soft Skin And Delicate Fingers...Unafraid Of Trials And Tribulations ..Running Wild, Running Free
Turning Pain Into Power And Heartache Into Wisdom....

☝Don't Wish You Were In Someone Else's  Skin,Someone Prettier,Darker Skin, Lighter Skin,or Thinner....
You are "You",Your Individuality Is "Sacred",You Are One Of A Kind...
"You" is You.. 
Love What You Are, And The World Will Love You Back😊
Khumalo,Mtungwa,Mbulazi,Mzilikazi kaMashobane Wena Wadlumuntu Umyenga Ngendaba

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